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CFOs Wanted

There are a number of other franchise opportunities that offer bookkeeping services.  Many require no experience in finance or accounting but will teach their franchisees how to perform those functions in order build their own bookkeeping business.

At SmartBooks we are not interested in teaching how to do finance or accounting.  Bookkeeping is an absolute necessity for a healthy business, and a strong bookkeeper can take a business owner a good part of the way but inevitably they need more and the bookkeeper is not able to deliver.  We believe that every small business owner would benefit from an experienced CFO to guide them with their finance and accounting, and these skills are gained over years of experience and not developed in a classroom or in an online course.

As an experienced CFO, you know what problems the business owner is facing now because you’ve faced them in the past.  On top of that, you also know what problems they haven’t encountered but likely will months or even years down the road.  The business owner may not be willing to pay CFO rates for that level of service (yet), but if you can help them with the basics, and add value at a strategic level then the ability to add more value and earn more revenue from those engagements will naturally happen.

The Franchise Business Opportunity for CFOs

Candidate Profile

  • Finance executive (CFO, VP of Finance, Head of Finance, etc.)
  • 10 or more years of finance leadership experience in either corporate or non-profit
  • Desire to build a business that is bigger than your individual billable hours

Why partner with SmartBooks?

  • The Financial Operating System book serves as a blueprint you can follow to transform the finance department in a small business
  • 12 years experience building and scaling an outsourced finance & accounting business with a proven track record of success
  • A team of professionals standing beside you to support your success – we are not successful unless you are

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